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Rabbits Under the Shed

Tape Strip

an award-winning animated children’s musical!

Rabbits Under the Shed is a student-made, low-budget labor of love made by a team of nearly 50 young artists and storytellers, collaborating remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for supporting our hard work and sharing the film with the little ones in your life!

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Episode 1

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(cast & crew intros & behind-the-scenes!)

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Awards & Honors

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Episode 2

(coming soon)

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Episode 1



After a disagreement with her mom, 8-year-old Natalie runs away — all the way to her backyard, where she meets a family of rabbits and decides to move in with them. Songs are sung and friends are made in this sweet, funny short film about building trust, overcoming fear, and connecting across difference to make room for everyone. :)


Feat. Music by Composer Truman McCaw,

Songs Written by Mia Stegner & Evan Bode,

and Vocals by the Rabbits Under the Shed Cast

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Episode 2...coming soon!

Our sequel finds Natalie navigating a conflict with her peers at school, Harvey being trusted to babysit the bunnies, and a character coming out as non-binary. We're passionate about the importance of LGBTQA+ representation in children's media, and can't wait to share more of Natalie's story with the world.

Awards & Honors

(Episode 1)

Golden Bee International Children's Film Festival 2021 → Award Winner ( "Best Animation Film")

Vesuvius International Monthly Film Fest 2021 → Award Winner ("Best Animated Short")

Top Indie Film Awards 2021 (Spring Edition) → Award Winner ("Best Music" & "Best Message")

Imagine Rain Independent Film Awards 2021 → Grand Jury Prize Winner ("Best Animation Short" & "Best Children/Family Friendly Short") and Honorable Mention Winner ("Best Original Story")

The Children’s International Film Festival of Wales → Award Winner (“Best Academic Project”)

Berlin Shorts Award 2021 → Finalist

Toronto Independent Festival of CIFT 2021 → Finalist

London Indie Short Festival of 24 Frames 2021 → Semi-Finalist

Phoenix Shorts 2021 → Semi-Finalist

Children Cinema Awards → Semi-Finalist

Student Los Angeles Film Awards → Semi-Finalist

Northeast Mountain Film Festival 2021→ Finalist

Festival du film d'animation d'Abidjan 2021→ Official Selection

New York Lift-Off Film Festival 2021 → Official Selection

Sands Film Festival 2021 → Official Selection

Synergy Film Festival 2022 → Official Selection

Broadway International Film Festival 2021 Los Angeles → Official Selection

Salto Independent Film Festival → Official Selection

Rome Film Awards → Official Selection

EVVY Awards → Nominee ("Outstanding Narrative Television" & "Outstanding Writing for Television")

Cindependent Film Festival → Honorable Mention

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